11/3/05 - American Nephrology Nurses' Association Launches New Geriatric Web Resource

Information: Janet D'Alesandro
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American Nephrology Nurses' Association Launches New Geriatric Web Resource 

Pitman, NJ - As indomitable as America’s Baby Boomers have been on their quest for youth and health, they are still expected to tax the country’s health care system in the coming years.

To prepare for a growing wave of over-65 patients, the American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (ANNA) has created a new online bank of information that helps educate nurses about caring for the elderly and responding to the unique needs of the older renal patient.

ANNA’s Web resource, Spotlight on Older Adults (www.annanurse.org/aging), contains Web links, articles, education events and other materials that will help nurses learn more about gerontologic care overall as well as information that applies directly to those who are suffering from renal disease.

The “Spotlight” project is part of a larger initiative to provide better nursing care for older adults and is a continuation of ANNA’s partnership (along with 56 other specialty nursing associations) with the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing and the American Nurses Association. This initiative, entitled Nurse Competence in Aging (NCA), is improving the quality of health care for older adults by enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of over 400,000 nurses associated with NCA.

According to Terran Mathers, DNS, RN, ANNA’s Web Fellow for the NCA project, this new section of the ANNA Web site offers the most up-to-date information regarding the care of older adults and is a valuable clearinghouse for nephrology nurses and other health care providers.

“They can use our Spotlight on Older Adults to find the best resources available for this patient population and apply it directly to practice,” Mathers said. “The information is also holistic and takes into account many parameters of care, including the physiologic, pathologic, psychosocial and spiritual aspects.”

The Spotlight section includes the following features:

  • A “Focus of Care” series, which will highlight an aspect of gerontologic care each month such as “Normal Aging” and “Falls.”
  • A list of ANNA resources, including publications and learning modules, about caring for the older nephrology patient.
  • A link to the NCA Web site – www.GeroNurseOnline.org – which provides a wealth of geriatric information and resources.
  • A list of upcoming gerontology conferences and meetings.
  • Links to other geriatric Web sites and publications.


ANNA is a professional nursing association with 11,900 members. Its mission is to advance nephrology nursing practice and positively influence outcomes for patients with kidney disease processes requiring replacement therapies through advocacy, scholarship and excellence.