10 Steps to Starting a New Chapter

1. PERFORM AN ASSESSMENT OF INTEREST and commitment to growth of a new local chapter by addressing the following questions. This assessment is an absolute MUST as an initial step to determine member commitment and potential longevity of the chapter.

  • Are there at least ten members of ANNA who wish to belong to the chapter?
  • Are there at least five full members that are committed enough to the growth and development of a local chapter to assume leadership positions within the chapter for a minimum five year period?
  • Where will the chapter officers be drawn from over the next three to five years and beyond?

Is the formation of a chapter absolutely necessary or are there ways to become more involved in and/or benefit from an established ANNA chapter? (i.e. Have the officers of the nearest chapter been contacted to discuss ways to better reach the ANNA members in your area?)

2. CALL THE ANNA NATIONAL OFFICE (888-600-2662) for information about contacting the Chapters Coordinator of your region.

3. CONTACT THE CHAPTERS COORDINATOR (CC) for a preliminary discussion regarding your interest in forming a new chapter. You will be asked by the CC to discuss the assessment (described in Step 1) and be advised by the CC of any additional information that is needed. The CC will conduct their own assessment of a new chapter after talking with you.

4. THE CC WILL NOTIFY YOU TO PROCEED if it is determined that a new chapter is viable according to initial assessments. The CC will continue to provide you with guidance during the chapter formation period, and arrange for you to receive a new chapter packet from the National Office that includes:

  • Petition of Charter
  • Chapter Action Plan

You will also be asked to select a chapter name, identify mentor/s, and select 5 – 7 people to serve as officers (for a minimum of 5 years).

5. SUBMIT ALL paperwork and any requested items to the ANNA National Office, East Holly Avenue, Box 56, Pitman, NJ 08071. The CC will review all information and make a final determination on the new chapter status with the Regional Vice President. You will receive any requests for additional information, questions and/or a final approval to begin a new chapter directly from the CC.

6. If the Regional Officers determine that a new chapter is in the best interest of ANNA and its members, AN OFFICIAL WELCOME LETTER AND CHAPTER PROFILE will be mailed from the National Office, Chapter Services Department, to the person designated by the CC. The Chapter Profile will be used to list your elected/appointed chapter officers. (See Step 8.)

7. SCHEDULE AN ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING in a centralized location and with adequate notice to all prospective chapter members. Advertise the meeting by sending notices to nephrology facilities, including transplant centers and in-hospital renal units in the area. Consider telephoning nurse managers of the nephrology facilities to reinforce the written notice. Invite a regional officer to attend the meeting. Consider having a short educational program in conjunction with the meeting and include the following:

  • Use name tags for all in attendance.
  • Have an attendance record which asks for addresses, phone numbers, and ANNA membership status.
  • Have a supply of ANNA membership applications and information brochures available.

Follow an agenda which has been established prior to the meeting:

  • Begin with welcome remarks and around the room introductions.
  • Review ANNA’s mission, philosophy, purpose and strategic plan.
  • Review the purpose of ANNA’s chapters.
  • Describe the plans for a new chapter formation. Have a discussion / question and answer period.
  • Nominate or elect chapter officers (or ask for volunteers to be officers and/or committee chairpersons).
  • Project some initial chapter goals (i.e. membership, educational programming, fund-raising, etc.).
  • Select a chapter name.
  • Develop a “to do” list and specific timelines for completion.
  • Plan the next meeting date, time, and location.

8. SEND THE CHAPTER PROFILE TO THE ANNA NATIONAL OFFICE after the election of chapter officers, along with any other requested information. If there is an educational activity provided at the organizational meeting, then in order to receive credit of CE’s toward recharter the Chapter Meeting Summary Form and the Attendance Record must be sent to the ANNA National Office within 30 days of the organizational meeting.

9. A PACKAGE OF MATERIALS WILL BE MAILED TO THE NEWLY ELECTED Chapter President from the National Office. Included materials are a Policy and Procedure Manual, the Volunteer Leader’s Orientation Manual, various chapter materials, and $300.00 in seed money for the chapter.

10. HOLD A CHAPTER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING to establish goals and deadlines for the year to ensure that the criteria will be met for chapter recharter.