Candidate for Northeast Vice President

Alice Hellebrand, MSN, RN, CNN, CURN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Nephrology Clinical Specialist providing education to dialysis staff, patients, administrators, and physicians.

Role Qualifications

My 31 years as a nephrology nurse along with my volunteer experience within ANNA has provided me with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to fulfill the role of Northeast Vice President. I have served ANNA in numerous capacities including Northeast Chapters Coordinator (CC) and Chapters Coordinator-Elect (CCE), Jersey North Chapter #126 President, President-Elect, Secretary, Health Policy Representative, and Webmaster. As your Vice President, I will work diligently to increase membership, expand educational opportunities, and increase awareness of nephrology nursing by proactively evaluating and assessing for changes that may be necessary for ANNA to thrive and grow in our demanding and ever changing environment.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

Professional Development. Coordinated and presented numerous conferences for Jersey North Chapter #126 that educated and mentored ANNA members seeking certification. Promoted change within the organization that led to the Chapter Rising Star Award.

Leadership. Actively recruited and mentored ANNA members who wish to take the next step in a leadership role by participating and presenting at the Volunteer Leaders Workshop (VLW). I am currently the Health Policy Representative for Jersey North Chapter #126 and have attended ANNA’s Health Policy Workshop, which enhanced my ability to advocate for our organization to Congressional leaders.

Membership. Participated in Jersey North activities to recruit and retain members. As an adjunct nursing instructor, I actively promote ANNA and nephrology nursing to my students.