Elected as National Treasurer

Charla Litton, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

I am a nurse practitioner and as such, assess, diagnose, treat, and educate Medicare beneficiaries with chronic illnesses, i.e., chronic kidney disease, diabetes, CHF, COPD, and other severe chronic illnesses. Patient visits occur in the home allowing me the opportunity to also assess their environment, caregivers, and other financial needs.

Role Qualifications

I have served ANNA for the past year as Treasurer, as well as serving on the regional level as Chapters Coordinator (CC), Chapters Coordinator-Elect (CCE), and Special Assistant. I have served on the chapter level as President, President-Elect, and Treasurer. Prior to becoming a nurse, I worked as an accountant for approximately 15 years. As manager of an acute/chronic/interventional dialysis unit for 10 years, part of my duties was to manage and maintain a neutral budget.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

Advocacy. I attended the Heath Policy Workshop for the past several years and participated in the visits to educate and advocate for patients with renal disease as well as nursing and nurse practitioner issues. I attended face-to-face meetings nationally, locally, and on the state level. As a member of the Board, one of my duties is to review, revise, and monitor ANNA position statements when presented.

Membership. I currently serve on the Membership Task Force. In addition, as part of my role this past year, I was involved in reviewing and approving current recruitment programs. I am actively involved in strategic planning, review, and revision as part of my work on the Board.

Business. While serving as National Treasurer, I worked with ANNA’s auditors and financial investor. In an effort to ensure transparency, I presented the financial report at the National Symposium and submitted ANNA’s year-end financial status in the ANNA Update. In my current position, I review segments of the budget for efficiency and value to ANNA members and present that information to the Board.