Candidate for National Director

Alice Hellebrand, MSN, RN, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Area clinical coordinator for multiple hospital-based acute care dialysis programs. Responsibilities: liaison to hospital administration and medical staff during transition and ongoing; education; staffing which includes hiring, orientation, and schedules; patient clinical outcomes/scheduling; develop/implement/assess/update policies in accordance with evidence-based practice and regulatory standards. Adjunct instructor RN-BSN program.

Role Qualifications

I am the current national Education Task Force Lead, member of the Awards and Scholarship Committee, and Jersey North Health Policy Representative. I have served ANNA as the Northeast Chapters Coordinator-Elect (CCE), Chapters Coordinator (CC), and member of Chapter Task Force and All Region Executive Committee (AREC). On the chapter level I have served as Jersey North President, President-Elect, Secretary, Webmaster, and Chair of Education Committee. I have presented for many years at the Volunteer Leaders Workshop (VLW) and to ANNA chapters. My work experience includes hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplant, and nephrology educator.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

Advocacy. Attended the Health Policy Workshop and held face-to-face visits with Congressional representatives to present issues related to nephrology nursing and advocate for our nephrology patients. Participate in activities that create awareness of the special needs of nephrology patients to non-nephrology nurses and physicians.

Professional Development. Leader of the Education Task Force with the focus of assessing how ANNA can best support the Nephrology Nurse Educator. As Chair of Jersey North’s Education Committee I have developed the content and presented at all-day conferences, CNN review, and PCT certification courses. Presented anemia management to ANNA chapters across the country. I have published for the Nephrology Nursing Journal, ANNA Update, regional newsletter, and chapter website on various topics related to nephrology nursing. As a member of the Awards and Scholarship Committee I encourage nurses to further their education and apply for scholarships and grants.

Membership. Participated in local and national activities to recruit and retain members. Mentored ANNA future leaders by encouraging chapter members to assume leadership positions on the local and national levels. Promoted change in the organization which led to the Rising Star Award. I have assisted struggling chapters in ways to increase membership, maintain chapter status, and strengthen financial stability. As an adjunct nursing instructor, I actively promote nephrology nursing and membership in ANNA to my students.