Candidate for National Director

Nancy Pierce, BSN, RN, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Director of Dialysis at St. Peters Hospital, Helena, MT: manages a 13 station hospital based dialysis center which includes chronic outpatients, acute inpatients, and home training for CAPD/CCPD. Soon to also have a home hemodialysis program.

Role Qualifications

I have been an ANNA member for 28 years and served in many leadership positions. My current position is SPN Liaison and was on the “Road to Success” Task Force as well as being Big Sky Chapter President in 2012-2013. I have been Western Region Vice President 2008-2010, Chapters Coordinator and Chapters Coordinator-Elect 2005-2007, and was the lead planner for the Volunteer Leaders Workshop (VLW) in 2008 as part of the Leadership Development Committee. I was on CEAB 1999-2004. I received the ANNA Representation Award in 2007 and the Nurse Manager Award in 2004.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

Last year I was a member of ANNA’s “Road to Success” Task Force. We designed the process and tools to transform our organization into “One ANNA” with competency-based leadership as opposed to regional-based leadership.

I led the task force to design the process, develop draft policies, and propose the time-line for transforming our SIGs (Special Interest Groups) into SPNs (Specialty Practice Networks). I recruited Molly Cahill to co-lead the implementation of change and we recruited and trained the facilitators and team leaders at the 2012 VLW. We mentored the SPN leaders though 2012-2013, then I took over the new SPN Liaison position and again trained the SPN leaders at the 2013 VLW.

As President of Big Sky Chapter 2012-2013, I helped coordinate two state-wide educational conferences and developed and presented two educational talks: “Dialysis Water Safety” and “Dialysis Disaster Preparedness.”