Gail Dewald, BSN, RN, CNN

Candidate for: 
National Director (Vote for 2)

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

I work as a Nephrology Nurse Manager/Educator for dialysis facilities in need of making improvements in their operations and/or care of dialysis patients to meet the regulatory requirement of the state and federal government. I also provide regulatory reviews of dialysis facilities upon request.

Role Qualifications

I have served ANNA over 25 years on the local, regional, and national levels. Chapter offices in the Gulf Coast Chapter (#204) included President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. In the Alamo City Chapter (#205) I have served as a conference planner. The Texas ANNA Collaborative meeting was started in 1996. For 10 years I was on the committee and served as Chair for at least 5 of those years. I have also been a member of several SPN groups, including Administration and Hemodialysis over the 25 years. I have also served on the Conferences Committee, the Leadership Committee, and the Awards and Scholarship Committee. I was Chair of the Awards and Scholarship committee in 2009-2012.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

  1. Leading and empowering nurses through learning opportunities has been my delight since my early years as a nephrology nurse. The ANNA Texas Collaborative meeting is a yearly 2-day conference that was established in 1996. I have served on the planning committee for over 10 years and have chaired the committee at least 5 of those years. As chair, I established the first preconference workshop and a commercial credit card account for ease of registration for attendees.
  2. As the fortunate winner of the Nurse In Washington Internship (NIWI) this year I have launched a personal campaign to support the goals of ANNA through advocacy. After meeting with my Congressmen’s offices in Washington, I have kept in touch through email and have visited their offices in my home town. I also participated in the Virtual Lobby Day and sent letters to my representatives asking them to support the ESRD community and nursing. I have invited them to dialysis clinics in San Antonio and they have accepted. I plan to reach out to them monthly and visit them quarterly. My efforts are getting responses from all their offices.
  3. Promoting excellence in nephrology nursing is my passion in my day-to-day work. It allows me a chance to mold new nephrology nurses and to provide them a hands-on approach to “doing the right thing” for patients. My work allows me to improve patient outcomes and the satisfaction of nurses at the same time.
Candidate Statement: