CNE Application Forms/Documents

Required Documents for CNE Application Submission

CNE applications for activities consist of:

Click Form Title to Download Blank Form in Word Format*
Hand-written applications will not be accepted.
Completed Sample Forms
~ Coming Soon
1. Application Form - Updated October 2014  
2. Biographical Data Form (a bioform must be submitted for each planning committee member and presenter) - Updated October 2014  
3. Educational Design Documentation (EDD) Form (an EDD form must be submitted for each session) - Updated September 2014  
4. Disclosure Declaration Memorandum & Evaluation Form - Updated September 2014  
5. Commercial Support Agreement Form*  
6. Agenda  
7. Promotional Materials (proofs are preferred)  
8. CE Certificate proof, if not using the certificates that ANNA provides  
9. Record Keeping and Storage Systems Letter, if applicable  
10. Posttest (if a non-live program)  
11. Application Process Evaluation  
12. Summary Evaluation  
13. Attendance Record  

Note for Internet Explorer and AOL users: Do not type in the forms if they appear in your browser. If the document appears in your browser, please click the back button and then right-click on the title of the desired document to download the file to your computer. Then, please open and complete the downloaded copies of the forms. Failure to do this will result in your information being lost.

*Please note - if Commercial Support is just paying for a vending table, then a Commercial Support Agreement form is not required.  Please still list the vendors on the Disclosure Declaration Memo Form with a note that they are simply vending in the exhibit hall for your program.

Activity Approver Fee Schedule
The Continuing Education Approval Board (CEAB) provides a variety of services, including approval of CNE programs, processing of CNE posttests, and CNE certificate retrieval. The fees for these services are outlined in this section.

Tutorial on CNE Application Process
CEAB wants to simplify the CNE application process for you! This tutorial reviews the CNE application process and provides tips for successfully completing and submitting the required forms.