Awards, Scholarships & Grants Program

Each year ANNA members and chapters have the opportunity to nominate colleagues and/or apply themselves for a variety of awards, scholarships, and grants.

A tutorial is available to assist you in completing the application/submission process. Click here to view the awards application/nomination tutorial.

The deadline for the current scholarships and grants cycle is October 15, 2014. For NIWI Grants (#306) and Research Grants (#310-#313, #317) only, the application submission deadline is November 15, 2014.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

The ANNA Outstanding Achievement Awards recognize and reward individuals and ANNA chapters for outstanding achievement in areas such as clinical practice, education, management, quality care, research, rehabilitation, collaboration, and health policy advocacy. Achievement Awards are by nomination only. Click here for a complete list of available awards.

Scholarships and Grants

ANNA offers scholarships that provide funding to support members in their pursuit of higher education, such as Career Mobility Scholarships. ANNA also offers grants for clinical research projects and patient or staff education programs. Members may apply directly for scholarships and grants. Click here for a complete list of available scholarships and grants.

Research Grants and Awards

Click here for a list of available research grants and awards.

Most Recent Award, Scholarship, and Grant Recipients

Historical List of Recipients