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Road to Success

The information contained here is the product of ANNA's Competency-Based Governance Task Force, which convened in April 2012. The two main objectives of the task force were to make governance change recommendations to the ANNA Board of Directors and develop tools to assist ANNA leaders to identify their strengths.

This page contains links to easy-to-use Strength Assessments for all national ANNA elected offices and appointed chair positions. In conjunction with the development of the checklists, the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) compiled role-related educational resources that correlate with each of the identified strengths. These resources are available in the Road to Success Library. The evaluation of strengths and the availability of leadership curriculum are the foundation to the Road to Success program.

National ANNA Leaders

If you are a current national ANNA leader, you will be asked to complete the Strength Assessment for your role. Your liaison will then review your assessment with you and help you to identify additional educational opportunities within the Road to Success Library.

Not a national ANNA leader, but interested in becoming one?

If you are an ANNA member who is thinking about an elected or appointed position in the future, you also can benefit from these resources. The Strength Assessment for each leadership position identifies the needed strengths for that role. You can use the Road to Success Library to work on developing your strengths to prepare for an exciting leadership role in ANNA.

Strength Assessments

ANNA Road to Success Library

Background Information

ANNA's Competency-Based Governance Task Force's initial work included a literature review and surveys of other specialty nursing organizations as well as current and previous ANNA leaders.