Elected as National Director

Nancy Colobong Smith, MN, ARNP, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Renal & Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA

My responsibilities include: orientation and continuing education for 90 staff RNs in the ICUs and transplant unit who are trained in hemodialysis, pheresis, and peritoneal dialysis; regulatory compliance; developing patient educational material; leading quality improvement projects; research and strategic planning. As a Nurse Practitioner, provide glycemic care to transplant patients.

Role Qualifications

I have supported nephrology through leadership roles at the ESRD Network level as a member of the medical review board and recently as a member of Network 16's Board of Directors. I am passionate about outreach and increasing awareness of kidney disease. I coordinate free CKD classes in the community, and have volunteered at health fairs. I guest lecture at the UW School of Nursing for the Nurse Practitioner students, and am Co-Director of a medical-surgical certification course where I present a 2-hour renal lecture for continuing nursing education that focuses on assessment, identification, and treatment options for CKD and AKI. These variety of experiences have taught me many skills including program development, communication, change management, and coordination of teams.

As a member of the ANNA Greater Puget Chapter, I have participated in the Education Planning Committee which plans the annual 2-day conference in the spring and a full-day conference in the fall. I have fulfilled the roles of chapter president-elect, president, and treasurer. During my years in office, the chapter has earned several awards, including Rising Star, Membership, Leadership, and Education.

I also have served on the ANNA Chapter Support Team (ACST) as a Leader of Group 2, ACST Chair Designate, and currently as ACST Chairperson. Supporting ANNA at the national level as part of the ACST has been a great experience. I have been able to apply the skills learned at the hospital or chapter level, and provide support for members across a region and nationally.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

  1. Volunteer Leadership Workshop (VLW) 2017. As ACST Chair Designate I worked closely with Janet Betts and ACST Chairperson to develop the agenda and content for VLW 2017. In preparation, we also produced a booklet and restructured the “FAST 15” videos to make them more user-friendly. I revised content and taped five videos to be available to incoming leaders to view prior to attending the VLW in Washington, DC. Per evaluations from participants, VLW 2017 was well organized, helpful, and inspiring. By creating a positive, educational workshop for incoming chapter officers, we were able to support the membership at a local level, promote networking among chapter officers, and encourage professional development.
  2. Contemporary Nephrology Nursing publication. As author of Chapter 37: Wearable Artificial Kidney, I was able to share my experience as a lead nurse in a FDA trial of new dialysis technology. This supports ANNA’s mission of improving members’ lives through education, science, and evidence-based practice.
  3. VLW Taskforce & Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) 2018. As a member of the VLW Taskforce in 2016, I was able to support the association in finding new ways to meet the needs of members and volunteer leaders in the changing healthcare and fiscal environment. I was able to offer my skills in communication and “Team Stepps” to draft an SBAR style report to provide to the BOD. Currently, I am a member of the workgroup for planning the new LEAD workshop for 2018.