Elected as National Director

Angela Taylor-Smith, BSN, RN, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Home Therapy RN, Fresenius Kidney Care, Lawrenceville, GA

As Home Therapy RN, my professional responsibility is to provide quality care to clients who chose to dialyze at home; provide safe and effective training and oversight of the delivery of home dialysis therapy to the patient; and assist in the identification, evaluation, and selection of home dialysis training candidates.

Role Qualifications

In 2006, I was elected as Dogwood Chapter President-Elect. I then served 3 years as chapter president of the Dogwood Chapter. As chapter president, I was selected for the Board of Directors Award for the advancement of the goals and objectives of ANNA through increasing my chapter funds through grant writing and networking with other chapters, vendors, and ESRD organizations. I helped to increase my chapter involvement in participating in the awards and scholarship program. I continued to serve on the Home Specialty Practice Network (SPN) and recently completed my term with the Awards & Scholarship Committee and the ANNA Chapter Support Team. When my chapter had a vacant position for chapter secretary, I accepted the role to carry out the tasks I assisted my chapter with since serving as chapter president. I continue to serve as a chapter liaison and assist with chapter events. I have served in many volunteer roles: ANNA National Conferences Committee, Volunteer Leadership Workshop, National Symposium moderator/monitor, helped organize and plan the first Kidney Walk in Atlanta, GA, assisted with planning collaborative events with NKF, other organizations, and chapters, reviewer for the Sixth Edition Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing and the Fifth Edition Nephrology Nursing Certification Review Guide, represented ANNA at Capitol Hill, and other projects.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

  1. Capitol Hill. I have attended two Capitol Hill events and met with our state legislators and/or representative promoting nephrology nursing and kidney disease education.
  2. Booth participation or speaking engagements. I have served as a volunteer for a booth at the ANNA National Symposium, VLW, and Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC). I have given presentations on nephrology for VLW and the Georgia Nursing Student Association (GSNA).
  3. ESRD HIT Program. The National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) and the Forum of ESRD Networks formed a workgroup to develop some guidelines and/or parameters for ESRD electronic medical records which would promote transfer of information between and among providers. I served as the representative for ANNA.