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Marilyn Eilert, RN, CNNe

Jersey North Chapter #126

How long have you been in nursing? 

In June 2017, it was 50 years.

How long have you been in nephrology?

48 years

Why do you love nephrology?  

I love nephrology because it is a diverse specialty that allows me to get to know patients and their families and help them make informed decisions about their healthcare options for CKD and ESRD.

What is your favorite ANNA member benefit?

While I like all the member benefits, my favorite is being able to network with other members via ANNA Connected, email, or phone. I also love being a member of the ANNA Chapter Support Team (ACST) and helping chapter officers with their responsibilities to their chapters and their members.

Do you have a favorite patient story?

When I started working in nephrology, it was a very new field. We were all learning together. In 1971, I had a patient who started hemodialysis and his wife was learning how to do home dialysis because they lived about an hour away from the dialysis center. He had two small children at home and was working full-time. One day he asked me what he might do to live long enough to watch his children grow up. I told him that I thought if he followed his diet, took his medications, and kept to his hemodialysis schedule, he would probably live a long time. He was a model patient and was on hemodialysis 39 years. One day he reminded me of that conversation many years before. He said, “You were right. I not only watched my children grow up, but I got to see my grandchildren and take them on vacation.”

What are your favorite hobbies outside of nursing?

Reading, jigsaw puzzles, and playing with my grandchildren: Cooper, Hudson, and Finley.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

One of my descendants arrived in America on the Mayflower.