Elected as National Secretary

Jennifer Payton, MHCA, BSN, RN, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Center Director, NxStage Kidney Care, Charleston, SC

Center Director of an outpatient dialysis clinic that cares for incenter hemodialysis patients as well as home patients. Responsible for supervising and coordinating smooth, effective daily operations; planning, organizing, and directing nursing care of patients in the unit, including direct patient care; ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Role Qualifications

Qualifications for this role include:

  • Experience in developing and updating policies and procedures (for ANNA and my employer).
  • Experience in developing and updating role descriptions.
  • Effective organizational, leadership, communication, and time management skills.

Past ANNA leadership positions include:

  • Treasurer, President-Elect, and President of the Palmetto Chapter
  • State Health Policy Advisor for South Carolina
  • Southeast Region Health Policy Advisor
  • Awards and Scholarship Committee Member
  • Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair
  • ANNA Resource Corps Advisor
  • LMS Task Force Member
  • Leadership Development Committee Member
  • ANNA Representative for National Dialysis Safety Initiative
  • Secondary Membership Task Force Leader
  • National Secretary

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

I have supported ANNA's mission of improving members' lives through education, advocacy, networking, and science by:

  1. Being a speaker for ANNA on numerous topics.
  2. Participating in Capitol Hill Day 2017 to educate members of Congress on topics relevant to nephrology nurses and patients.
  3. Being a representative for ANNA and participating in the National Patient Safety Initiative with the Renal Physicians Association (RPA).