Candidate for National Director

Maryam Lyon, MSN, RN, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Nurse Faculty, Hondros College of Nursing, Fairborn, OH

Nursing professor, teaching the Capstone courses for the ADN program. Curriculum development for transition from traditional to concept based nursing program. I align my nursing instruction with ANNA's strategic plan by influencing students’ perception of being positive representatives of professional nursing. I encourage my students to join a professional organization.

Role Qualifications

I joined ANNA within 3 years of becoming the Nurse Manager of an outpatient hemodialysis facility. I had been reluctant to leave the known entity of the hospital for the unknowns of a new nephrology practice. I found that nephrology had chosen me. Since that time, I have been committed to being involved with providing patient-centered care to nephrology patients. Involvement with ANNA has provided me with the perfect vehicle for serving nephrology patients and the profession of nephrology nursing. I had the great fortune of having an outstanding mentor, who later became ANNA president, who pushed me to increase my level of involvement in ANNA. My desire to move forward in ANNA leadership led me to obtain my BSN and later and MSNed. I held offices in my local chapter and was Chapters Coordinator-Elect (CCE) for the North Central Region. I served on the Health Policy Committee for two terms. I served on the Awards & Scholarship Committee for two terms, most recently as Chair. I assisted with the CE on Wheels presentations. I participated in role orientation at the Volunteer Leaders Workshop (VLW). On two ocasions I represented ANNA at the National Student Nurses' Association convention, giving a presentation, as well as greeting and educating future nurses about the benefits of involvement in a professional association and advocate for choosing nephrology nursing a specialty practice.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

As a member of the Health Policy Committee, I visited legislators in Washington, DC, to discuss issues important to the nephrology community. I invited representatives to visit our dialysis facilities and received a proclamation from an Ohio senator. I continue to monitor legislation that can impact healthcare, nephrology patients, and nursing practice. I frequently call or write legislators and have encouraged my colleagues to do the same. As a member of the Ohio Board of nursing, I am fortunate to have access to current legislative actions involving nursing practice in all states. I have been involved with creating and amending legislation to guide technician and nursing practice in Ohio dialysis facilities since 2000.

I have been a reviewer for five ANNA publications and am in my second term as manuscript reviewer for the Nephrology Nursing Journal. As member and Chair of the Awards & Scholarship Committee, I was involved in the allocation of resources to advance the education and practice of ANNA members and fund research directed to supporting evidence-based practice in nephrology.

I collaborated with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to provide Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) screenings. I will mentor future leaders through my work with my local chapter. I will be involved with chapter leaders to increase membership and the engagement of new and current members in ANNA activities.