Repeat an Approved Activity

To repeat a CNE activity that has already been approved, please email the following documents to Kristen Durham, Education Services & Project Specialist, at

  1. Repeat Activity Request Form
  2. Disclosure Declaration Memorandum & Evaluation Form
  3. Conflict of Interest Form (one for each presenter)

Note: When repeating an activity, the content must remain identical – use the approved EDD form.  Only the venue and date may change. 

Also Note: Speakers must be qualified (have expertise in the content/topic for the program). If repeat documents/materials are submitted, and the speaker(s) are not qualified, the Continuing Education Approval Board may deny your request to repeat the program.

For repeat activity requests that are submitted less than 21 days before the event, please provide a FedEx number, or factor in an additional $20 in your repeat fee.

A program is able to be repeated for 2 years after the initial approval.