Standards of Practice

Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice © 2017 (8th edition)

The Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice (8th Edition) provides a method of defining the scope of nephrology nursing practice and a conduit for evaluating that practice. This resource serves as a guide in identifying nephrology nurses’ responsibilities to their profession, their colleagues, and the healthcare consumer. This edition includes:

  • an updated definition of nephrology nursing and scope of practice statement
  • a new standard related to culturally congruent practice
  • defined competencies for the graduate-level prepared nurse
  • examples on how to use the standards in clinical practice featuring vignettes of situations that require intervention by the nephrology nurse
  • samples of tools that incorporate the standards into various situations
  • a glossary to aid with the understanding of terms used

Nephrology Nursing Process of Care: Apheresis and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy © 2011

This publication contains two sections reprinted from the Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice book (7th edition). The contents deal with the nephrology nursing process for continuous renal replacement therapy and apheresis and therapeutic plasma exchange. The book is published by the American Nephrology Nurses Association and is endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. (39 pages)