ANNA Evidence-Based Research Grant History

Year Recipient Amount Study
2020 Zorica Kauric-Klein $12,293 The Effect of a Yoga Intervention on Physical and Psychological Outcomes in Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis
2020 Barbara Wilson $1,017 Nursing Processes of Care as Contributors to Home Hemodialysis Successs
2019 Susan Bynum $5,000 Nurse Patient Navigation for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
2019 Tricia Littig $5,000 Implementation of an Evidence Based Initiative to Pre-emptively Prevent Intradialytic Hypotensive Episodes During Hemodialysis
2019 Kimberly Wallace $5,000 The Relationship Between Oral Health and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Hemodialysis Patients in Rural West Virginia
2018 Mary Hannan $5,000 Cognitive Dysfunction, Vascular Function, and Physical Inactivity in Older Adults with CKD
2017 None    
2016 None    
2015 Janet Welch $5,000 Self-Management of Chronic Illness
2014 None    
2013 Judith Dixon $2,000

Multidisciplinary CKD Clinic

2013 Stephanie Sheridan $3,751

Implementation of a Comprehensive Foot Care Model in Urban Inner City Dialysis Centers: A Quality Improvement Plan

2012 Theresa Campbell $5,000 The Implementation of a Group Chronic Kidney Disease Education Program in the Hispanic Population
2011 Rebecca McKee-Waddle $5,000 Blood Glucose Levels of Diabetic Patients in the Immediate Post Acute Hemodialysis Period: An Exploratory Study
2011 Cynthia Rape $5,000 Determining the Impact of a Nurse-Led Telephonic Self-Management Program on Quality of Life an the Patient's Ability to Manage Common Symptoms for Patients Newly Diagnosed with ESRD
2011 Cynthia Russell $5,000 Motivational Interviewing to Improve Medication Adherence (MIDAS) II
2010 H. Paul Smith $5,000 Symptomatic Hypotension, Venous Oximetry, and Outpatient Hemodialysis
2009 Patricia Seddon $5,000 Walking Bulletin Boards as a Patient and Family Teaching Strategy
2008 Zorica Kauric-Klein $5,000 Improving Blood Pressure Control in End Stage Renal Disease
2008 Daria Kring $5,000 Using the Revised Wilson and Cleary Model to Explore Factors Affecting Quality of Life in Persons on Hemodialysis
2008 Francess Nelson $5,000 Frequency, Severity, & Distress of Dialysis-related Symptoms Reported by Patients on Hemodialysis
2007 Merry Stewart $5,000 African American Dialysis Patients’ Perceptions of Sexuality