Barbara F. Prowant Research Grant History

Year Recipient Amount Study
2021 None    
2020 None    
2019 None    
2018 Christine Corbett $5,000 Effecting Palliative Care for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients by Increasing Provider Knowledge
2017 Kathleen Fulmer $5,000 The Relationship Between Inflammation, Depression, and Nonadherence Among Persons in End Stage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis
2016 None    
2015 Tamara Kear $5,000 Investigating Hand-off Communication in Nephrology Nurse Practice Settings
2014 Loretta Jackson Brown $5,000 Ascribing Meaning to Kidney Disease: A Qualitative Study of African Americans with a First Degree Relative on Hemodialysis
2013 Mary Haras $5,000

A Measure of Nephrology Nurse Perceptions toward Advance Care Planning

2012 Vicki Montoya $5,000 Improving Chronic Kidney Disease Care with Group Visits: A Pilot Study
2011 Medel Paguirigan $5,000 Sacrificing Something Important: The LIved Experience of Compensated Kidney Donors in the Philippines - A Parse Research Project
2010 Debra Goulding (Co-investigators: Melanie Brewer, David Smith) $5,000 Preventing Hypotension in Hemodialysis