Feed Your Kidneys

ANNA introduced the Feed Your Kidneys program as a new way for chapters to celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week in 2022. Nephrology Nurses Week is celebrated annually in September, which is also Hunger Action Month. Through the Feed Your Kidneys program, ANNA funded grants for chapters to donate to local food banks.

Thank you to our ANNA chapters and members for your enthusiastic response to the Feed Your Kidneys program!

Congratulations to the following ANNA chapters for being selected to receive a grant of $1,500 each to be donated to the food bank/pantry of their choice. These chapters presented their donation during September in recognition of Nephrology Nurses Week (September 11-17) and Hunger Action Month. Each chapter also provided a group of volunteers to help their local food bank. A variety of volunteer activities were planned such as packing or delivering meals, shopping for food, and serving meals.

  • Alamo City #205
  • Blue Ridge #262
  • Desert Vista #501
  • Hazel Taylor #239
  • Heart of America #313
  • Intermountain #516
  • Magnolia #249
  • MichigANNA #312
  • Pacific Northwest #503
  • Platte River #324
  • St. Louis Metro #307

The following ANNA chapters also applied for a Feed Your Kidneys grant and coordinated volunteer activities between their chapter and a selected food bank.

  • Baltimore #101
  • Bluegrass #322
  • Caribbean #210
  • Dogwood #224
  • Garden State #125
  • Greater Charlotte #202
  • Greater Minnesota #329
  • Keystone #110
  • Memphis Blues #240
  • Suncoast #213
  • South Florida Flamingo #206
  • Tar River #268
  • Three Rivers #104
  • Windy City #305
  • Wisconsin #304

Learn more about chapter involvement in the Feed Your Kidneys program and view photos of chapter members volunteering in their communities in the November/December 2022 issue of the ANNA Update.

Highlights of Chapter Community Activities