Nephrology Nurses Week 2024
Nephrology Nurses Week

To honor the dedicated nephrology nurses who care for patients with kidney disease, ANNA has designated the second full week in September each year as Nephrology Nurses Week. In 2024, Nephrology Nurses Week will be celebrated September 8-14.

ANNA launched Nephrology Nurses Week to give employers, patients, and others the opportunity to thank nephrology nurses for their life-saving work. In addition, ANNA also hopes to spark interest in other nurses about the multifaceted career opportunities available in nephrology. One of the most diverse nursing specialties practiced today, nephrology nurses care for patients of all ages who have, or are at risk for, kidney disease. Nephrology nurses use their vision, knowledge, and skills to improve patient outcomes. Caring for patients with kidney disease requires nurses to be highly skilled, well educated, and motivated, and nephrology nurses cite the variety and challenges of the specialty as fueling their ongoing passion.

Nephrology Nurses Week

Celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week by participating in Feed Your Kidneys. 

Learn more here.

  • All About Nephrology Nursing ~ In this podcast episode, Nurse Alice interviews ANNA President Jennifer Payton about the nephrology nursing specialty, what it takes to become a nephrology nurse, and various career opportunities in nephrology nursing.
  • Celebrating Nephrology Nurses Week ~ In this podcast episode, Nurse Keith interviews ANNA President Angela Kurosaka about the importance of nephrology nursing, the celebration of Nephrology Nurses Week, advocacy in nephrology nursing, and the overall impact of the current nursing shortage.
  • Leading a Meaningful Career in Nephrology Nursing ~ Minority Nurse interviews ANNA member Phung Tran, MSN, MBA, RN, about a career in nephrology nursing and her own personal journey to becoming a nephrology nurse.
  • Feed Your Kidneys Program for ANNA Chapters
  • Interviews with Nephrology Nurses ~ The American Society of Nephrology interviewed nephrology nurses in celebration of Nephrology Nurses Week 2022. The videos are listed below.


Video Interviews

Note: Videos developed by the American Society of Nephrology in celebration of Nephrology Nurses Week 2022.

'New Perspectives' with Dr. Tamara Kear (New Perspectives, RVN television)
Tamara Kear, PhD, RN, CNN, FAAN

Watch the Interview

Leading a Meaningful Career in Nephrology Nursing (Minority Nurse)
Phung Tran, MSN, MBA, RN

Read the Article

What Is a Nephrology Nurse? Forward-Thinking Advocates for Kidney Care
Kristin Larson, MSN, RN, AGNP-BC, ANNA National Secretary

Read the Article

Recognizing Nephrology Nurses during National Kidney Month

Read the Article


Podcast Interviews

All About Nephrology Nursing ~ An Interview with ANNA President-Elect Jennifer Payton, MHCA, BSN, RN, CNN
Nurse Alice

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Celebrating Nephrology Nurses Week ~ An Interview with ANNA President Angela Kurosaka, DNP, RN, CCN, CCM, NEA-BC
Nurse Keith

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Nephrology Nurses: The Lifeline of Kidney Care with Gail Dewald, BSN, RN, CNN

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How Attending a Convention Saved Lives During the Pandemic with Faith Lynch, MSN, RN, CNN
Nursing Uncensored with Adrianne Behning, BSN, RN

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Addressing the Increasing Need for ESRD and Dialysis Nurses ~ An Interview with Dany Achia, BSN, RN, CDN
Episode in Alliant Health Solutions "Making Health Care Better" Podcast Series

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Learn more about the work of nephrology nurses and how they impact patient lives through these interviews with ANNA members.



Celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week!

 ANNA introduced the Feed Your Kidneys program as a new way for chapters to celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week in 2022. Nephrology Nurses Week is celebrated annually in September, which is also Hunger Action Month. Through the Feed Your Kidneys program, ANNA funded grants for chapters to donate to local food banks.

Thank you to our ANNA chapters and members for your enthusiastic response to the Feed Your Kidneys program!

Congratulations to the following ANNA chapters for being selected to receive a grant of $1,500 each to be donated to the food bank/pantry of their choice. These chapters presented their donation during September 2023 in recognition of Nephrology Nurses Week (September 10-16) and Hunger Action Month. Each chapter also provided a group of volunteers to help their local food bank. A variety of volunteer activities were planned such as packing or delivering meals, shopping for food, and serving meals.

  • Alamo City #205
  • Bluegrass #322
  • Cardinal #203
  • Desert Vista #501
  • Hazel Taylor #239
  • Heart of America #313
  • Magnolia #249
  • Pacific Northwest #503
  • Platte River #324
  • St. Louis Metro #307
  • Tidewater #241
  • Windy City #305

Learn more about chapter involvement in the Feed Your Kidneys program and view photos of chapter members volunteering in their communities in the November/December 2023 issue of the ANNA Update.


Nephrology Nurses Week Online Toolkit

September 10-16, 2023

Make sure your workplace and community know about Nephrology Nurses Week! Use this toolkit to communicate with local government, local media, employers/companies, patients, ANNA members, and the general public.

Below you'll find suggested ways to share the message about Nephrology Nurses Week. This is not a comprehensive list, just a starting point for you and your chapter or workplace. Nephrology Nurses Week can have a tremendous impact on nephrology nurses, patients, and their families if all ANNA chapters and members celebrate.

Nephrology Nurses Week Poster

Promote Nephrology Nurses Week in your workplace by displaying the official poster. The poster is distributed to all ANNA members with the May-June issue of the Nephrology Nursing Journal.

Nephrology Nurses Week Press Release

Use this sample press release to let local media know about Nephrology Nurses Week. Also, share this release with your organization's public relations department. See if they can inform their media contacts about what your facility or chapter is doing to celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week and gain even more exposure.

After your Nephrology Nurse Week events, submit a follow-up article and/or photos to your chapter/facility newsletter.

Nephrology Nurses Week Newsletter Article

Make sure your coworkers and colleagues know what it means to be a nephrology nurse. Submit this educational article to your company or chapter newsletter. Check their deadlines to be sure the article will run at least 1-2 weeks before Nephrology Nurses Week in September.

After your Nephrology Nurse Week events, submit a follow-up article and/or photos to your chapter/facility newsletter.

Nephrology Nurses Week Proclamation

Request a proclamation from your mayor or governor declaring September 11-17, 2022, Nephrology Nurses Week.

Nephrology Nurses Week Letter to Local Media

Write a letter to the health editor of your local newspaper or television news program describing the value of nephrology nursing and providing information about Nephrology Nurses Week. In the letter, invite them to cover your Nephrology Nurses Week events and volunteer to be a source for the story.