ANNA Membership Categories and Dues Structure

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Membership Categories & Dues

Full Membership 1 year $80 2 years $150 3 years $220

Any registered nurse licensed in the United States, Canada, or Mexico who is interested in the care of nephrology patients is eligible for active membership. International membership is available to registered nurses living outside of North America. (Note: Discounted group memberships available through employers. See details below.)

Group Membership ~ 10 Full (RN) Memberships 1 year $75/each ($750 total)

Attention employers! Do you value your nurses’ expertise and commitment to your facility? Consider funding their membership in ANNA. Enroll a group of your nurses (in increments of 10) and receive a $5 discount off each membership.

  • Available for Full Memberships (RNs) only.
  • Must be purchased by the employer in block(s) of 10 memberships ($750 for 10 redemption codes) ~ a $5 savings per membership. 
  • There is no expiration on the block of 10 redemption codes, which can be used for new and/or renewing members. 
  • The employer's name is required upon use of the group redemption code. 
  • Available for purchase in blocks of 10 only.

Download Group Membership Application

Associate Membership 1 year $70 2 years $130 3 years $190

All licensed practical/vocational nurses, technicians, dietitians, social workers, physicians, and others interested in the care of nephrology patients qualify for associate membership. Associate members have all the privileges of active membership, except voting, holding office, serving as chairpersons of standing committees, or serving on certain committees.

International Membership 1 year $120 2 years $220 3 years $320

International membership is available to registered nurses living outside of North America.

Virtual International Membership 1 year $70 2 years $130 3 years $190

International membership is available to registered nurses living outside of North America. Virtual international members do not receive print materials; they receive email notification of the availability of materials online (Nephrology Nursing Journal, ANNA Update, and conference program/registration information).

Virtual Student Membership* FREE

Any student within a nursing program leading to licensure as a registered nurse (RN) is eligible for a 1-year student membership. (If a student has already attained RN status, the member is considered a full member and student membership does not apply.) To apply for student membership, please complete the online Virtual Student Membership Application and attach current proof of your student status/enrollment. (Please note: You will be prompted to create an account with ANNA prior to completing the student membership application form.)

Senior Membership* 1 year $40

Full members for the 5-year period prior to attaining the age of 65 are eligible to become senior members. Full membership privileges apply. To apply for senior membership, please download and print the membership application and remit the application accompanied with proof of age (i.e., copy of driver's license.).

*Requires verification

**Requires verification and is not available online

Please note: ANNA memberships (and membership benefits) are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

‘Go Green’ with Electronic Delivery of ANNA Publications

This membership option enables you to select how you would like to receive your copies of ANNA’s bimonthly newsletter and journal. “Go Green” and receive electronic editions only of the ANNA Update and the Nephrology Nursing Journal. The electronic editions provide a mobile-friendly reading experience, enabling you to access the newsletter and journal anywhere, anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

When you renew your ANNA membership, you can opt to receive both the printed copies AND the electronic versions of the newsletter and journal. Or you may select the “Go Green” option and choose to receive ONLY the electronic editions of these publications.

To exercise this option at any time during your membership cycle, simply update your ANNA member account (view tutorial/instructions below). Or you may may contact the ANNA National Office to request a staff member to adjust your membership account. Likewise, if you have second thoughts and would like to resume delivery of the printed copies of ANNA publications, you can notify the National Office to adjust your membership status to enable receipt of printed materials in the future.

How to Update Your ANNA Member Account Preferences