Engage on Social

Engage on Social

The ANNA leadership values the diversity of our membership, and is committed to an environment of inclusion, equity and belonging. We will be highlighting this diversity (in all its forms) on social media throughout the year.  We encourage members to share ways in which they are diverse OR ways they have cared for patients with a diverse set of needs. Some examples, but not an exhaustive list include:

  • cultural diversity
  • heritage diversity
  • racial diversity 
  • age diversity
  • gender-identity diversity / LGBTQIA+
  • Religious diversity
  • Language diversity
  • disabilities - physical, sensory, etc. 

You can share a picture of yourself, with a caption describing the ways in which you are diverse. Or, you can share about a way in which you cared for a patient who may have had diverse needs. Some examples: a patient who may be fasting for spiritual/religious reasons, schedule changes to accommodate a holiday, etc.   

As always, we encourage you to share pictures of ANNA events, volunteer activities, etc. Did you host some interesting chapter events? community events? Tell us what's going on!

Please note: Some submissions may not be used. If a post lacks clarity, images are not clear, patient information is in the background, patient permission has not been obtained, or if the submission conflicts with any ANNA Policy and Procedure, the submission will not be posted. Additionally, ANNA does not promote educational events on our Facebook page; however, after your event is over, we would be glad to post pictures of the successful event.


ANNA Social Media Post Request

Full Name
Maximum 6 files.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
Please try to fully describe the image(s) for your post. Names (except for patients), activities, how you are reflecting the diversity of ANNA and the patients we serve (if applicable), etc.