ANNA Nightingale Tributes

ANNA Nightingale Tribute

As the members of ANNA approach our 55th Anniversary Celebration, we cannot help but look back and appreciate our founding members and all those who have followed in their footsteps striving to fulfill ANNA's mission. In doing so, we realize that so many who brought us to where we are today are no longer with us. ANNA would like to memorialize and honor those giants who formed us, moved us forward, and left behind a legacy to guide us into the future of Nephrology Nursing! 

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Wall of Tributes

Donna Carlton Casey

August 31, 2017

Donna Carlton Pic.jpeg

Donna was a wonderful nephrology nurse, colleague and friend. She was a wealth of knowledge about dialysis accesses and always willing to share her knowledge.

Cindy Richards / Hazel Taylor Chapter of ANNA

Deborrah K. Ferguson

May 02, 2022

Debbie Furguson993216_fbs.jpg

When I met Debbie, she was FKC's regulatory manager, she took me under her wing and taught me so much. I just learned of her passing, she's now my angel.

Jovohn Belle, SR Manager, Clinical Education, Fresenius

Lillian "Lil" Ruth Gibson, BSN, RN

November 02, 2020

Lil Gibson, BSN, RN.jpg

Lil worked her last 17 years at Dialysis Center of Lincoln as a nurse and vascular access coordinator. She was known for her kindness and her positivity. Both were contagious!

Platte River Chapter #324

Barbara Prowant

March 07, 2009


I was fortunate to have Barb as my mentor and friend. She was a wealth of knowledge and compassion. She was a life long ambassador for Nephrology Nursing.

LaVonne Burrows

Rosanna Victoria Atienza

March 10, 2014

Rosanna Atienza.jpg

Rosanna was a strong leader, hard worker, compassionate, and skilled dialysis/transplant RN. She was a brave cancer warrior with a big heart & joyful laugh. We will always remember you.

ANNA 503 Pacific Northwest Chapter

Janel Parker

August 26, 2003


Janel was a passionate, inspirational, and fun loving nephrology nursing visionary and past ANNA president. She pioneered the concept, structure, and process of nephrology nursing certification and lead early efforts.

Gail Wick, Karen Robbins, and Sandy Bodin

Laura Hojnacki

December 11, 2022

Laura Hojnacki.PNG

Laura loved being a nephrology nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. She was a bright and shining star, always learning, teaching, and caring. Dance on, Laura!

Irene Krall on behalf of ANNA #503 PNW

Dr. Kim Schafer Astroth

September 04, 2023

Kim Astroth.jpg

Dr. Astroth was an excellent, caring mentor to Research Committee members. Despite her health challenges, she maintained an optimistic attitude that inspired others.

Kelly Dyar

Mary Houglum

July 08, 2019


Mary was an amazing cheerleader and motivator for the chapters. She was always at the National Symposium and greeting her friends from around the country with warm hugs

Molly Cahill & Donna Bednarski

Helen Williams

July 01, 2023

Williams, Helen 10.jpeg

Helen was a past leader of ANNA she was a champion for Acute Care. She a past SPN leader, published author with a beautiful smile & kind heart.

Molly Cahill

Patricia Weiskittel

April 29, 2011

pat w.png

Pat was my extraordinary Nephrology mentor. If not for her I would not have been an active ANNA member since 1989.

Maryam Lyon MSN RN CNNe

Jean Nardini

May 23, 2005


Jean was a past president and known for her wit and sense of humor. She was a Boston girl and her accent her trademark

Molly Cahill & Donna Bednarski

Donna Carlton Casey

August 31, 2017


Donna was an active member of ANNA and passionate about vascular access for patients. We miss her expertise and friendship.

Hazel Taylor Chapter 239

Janel Parker - Past president 1986-1987

August 26, 2003

'87 Janel Parker_0.jpg

Vivacious, vibrant, effective, Janel's leadership ushered in a new era of education for ANNA including the first Core Curriculum, Scope and Standards of Practice, and NNCB - Gone too soon!

Lesley Dinwiddie

Janie Martinez

May 24, 2018

Janie Martinez .jpg

Janie was one of our Chapter leaders who gave her heart and soul to assist others. She won multiple national ANNA awards. We miss her dearly!

Alamo City Chapter 205

Patricia "Pat" Sordillo


Pat was a mentor for me when my company was purchased by Fresenius and I will always fondly remember her for welcoming me and helping me during the transition.

Sheila Deziel - Desert Vista 501

Mary K Houglum

July 08, 2019


Mary was an educator at heart. She worked hard everyday to teach and train new nephrology nurses and celebrated every win with them.

Elizabeth St John

Alex Jay Rosenblum

May 01, 2022


Alex Rosenblum

Alex Rosenbaum was a legendary member of the ANNA Dallas Chapter. Alex served as the QI Manager for ESRD Network 14 and known for his animated educational presentations.

Nenita Cuellar & Gail Dewald/ANNA Dallas Chapter 208

Linda Smith

October 14, 2022


Anyone who worked with Linda on a committee has a million stories. All are fun! Her work dedication to education and professional practice was impeccable. Huge supporter of Nephrology Nurses

Molly Cahill, Donna Bednarski & Donna Painter

Sonia Fish

October 24, 2023


Sonia was a Friend, Leader, and compassionate Nurse. She will be missed. Gone too soon.

Bluegrass Chapter 322

June McClernan

December 26, 2023


Gordon Keller School of Nursing in 1961.
Founded TGH dialysis unit; retiring in 1996.
USF dialysis until 2001.
Served as Treasurer & contributing member.
Nursing license remained active until death.

ANNA Suncoast Chapter 213

Barbara Prowant

March 07, 2009

Prowant mini.jpg

Barb taught the world about CAPD. She was a beneficient NN leader and mentor, a prolific author and incredible editor for nephrology scientific/nursing journals and textbooks! She is greatly missed!"

Leonor Ponferrada, Glenda Payne, Lesley Dinwiddie

Marilyn Eilert

December 20, 2019


Marilyn was not just a nephrology nurse but a mentor, friend, leader, ANNA advocate, and source of inspiration. Jersey North thanks you as we continue your legacy

ANNA Jersey North 126

Frank Borsey

April 23, 2017

Frank Borsey.png

Frank Borsey was a teddybear of a guy and was loved by all who worked with him. He was a Chapter Leader, a mover, and a shaker. We miss him.

Alamo City Chapter 205

Patricia (Patti) B. Salai

November 23, 2020


As a dynamic nephrology NP and CNS, Patti held many leadership positions across ANNA. She was also a prolific nurse educator and scholar, whose publications continue to advance nephrology nursing.

Mary Ann Gould and Helen Currier

Janie Martinez

May 24, 2018


Janie had a great attitude about her role in ANNA and loved her San Antonio Chapter. She loved doing the regional parties. She was a treasure on the BOD

Molly Cahill, Donna Bednarski & Donna Painter

Marilyn Eilert

December 20, 2019


Marilyn was the spirit of leadership during several decades of ANNA. Her cheerleader energy and guidance to the chapters was incredible.

Molly Cahill, Donna Bednarski & Donna Painter

Sara Garza

July 04, 2021


Sara was a long-term member of ANNA (since 1988). She managed dialysis clinics, taught PD for Baxter, and was Home Therapy Director for US Renal Care. Alamo City misses her.

Alamo City Chapter 205

Jan Brondyke

March 01, 2014

Jan Brondyke.png

Jan was God's servant and changed many lives during her nursing career. She was everyone's best friend and never missed a chance to make funny comments. We miss you friend.

Gail Dewald

Gloria Scharf Beedie

August 25, 2001


Gloria was such a fun part of the regional team in the 90's, always part of the chapter support team. Her family honored her for several years with scholarships

Molly Cahill & Donna Bednarski

Annette Frauman

April 12, 2020


NN educator extraordinaire - she taught me that it takes nurses to teach nurses, that nursing is teaching, and there's a difference between teaching and nagging! Thank you, Annette!

Lesley Dinwiddie

Juanita "Janie" Martinez

May 24, 2018

Janie Martinez pic.jpeg

Janie was a tireless ANNA member, colleague and friend. She mentored many, and served her chapter and the members of ANNA with love.

Cindy Richards, Sara Kennedy and Susan Bridger

Sally Burrow-Hudson

July 28, 2014


Sally, ANNA president 1990-1991, was a dedicated advocate for patients in the ESRD Networks, quality assurance, research, and safety and a fierce proponent of continuing education for all nurses.

Glenda Payne, Donna Syracuse, Lesley Dinwiddie

Deloris Jean Gill-McCarthy

September 13, 2021


Deloris was one of the first dialysis nurses in Oklahoma. She was an encyclopedia of dialysis and a mentor to many. She introduced ANNA to me. She is greatly missed.

Barbara L. McKie Northeast Oklahoma Chapter 256

Janel Parker - Past president 1986-1987

August 26, 2003

'87 Janel Parker.jpg

A quintessential leader, she possessed the essential qualities: personal integrity; a strong moral compass; clear professional values/goals; ability to listen to diverse opinions through the best and worst of times.

Geraldine Biddle

Frank Borsey, Jr.

April 23, 2017

Frank Borsey pic.jpeg

Frank was an amazing nurse and amazing friend. He served ANNA tirelessly for many years, and he is truly missed. He was a member of the Alamo City Chapter.

Cindy Richards and Susan Bridger

Barbara Prowant

March 07, 2009

Prowant mini.jpg

Barb taught the world about CAPD. She was also a beneficent NN leader, a prolific author, and an incredible editor for nephrology scientific/nursing journals and textbooks! She is greatly missed!

Leonor Ponferrada, Glenda Payne, Lesley Dinwiddie

Patricia Sordillo

January 18, 2023


Our colleague and mentor Pat was a beacon for nephrology nursing education and kidney patients. Her delightful humor and kindness brought a smile to all who worked with her.

Fresenius Clinical Support Specialists

Sally Burrows Hudson

July 21, 2014


Sally was an incredible mentor to so many. Her leadership and guidance were an inspiration. Her writing and accomplishments are endless

Molly Cahill, Donna Bednarski & Donna Painter

Janel Parker

August 26, 2003


ANNA President Janel Parker was a force of nature in her efforts to improve nephrology nursing and the care of nephrology patients.

Beth Ulrich

Mollie Harrison

April 12, 2016

IMG_3106 Mollie.JPG

Nephrology Nursing was her passion. A member since 1984. She started ANNA's Master's City chapter serving as their first chapter President. Her proudest accomplishment was Southeast Regional Chapter Coordinator.

Glinda Stricklin, BSN, RN, CNN

Pat Weiskittel

April 29, 2011


Pat was short in stature but made up for that in leadership and presence. She was respected in the transplant field and in the association for her enormous contributions

Molly Cahill & Donna Bednarski