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Call for Nominations for National Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee is seeking qualified member candidates for the upcoming ANNA national election. Applications are due July 1, 2024. If your completed pack is not received by July 1, you will not be considered for candidacy. Click here for additional information and to access the candidate application.

Open Positions

President-Elect (3-year commitment ~ 1-year term each as President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President)

Director (3-year commitment) one (1) position available

Candidate Application Process

All candidates must complete the Application for Candidacy for National Offices.

Required Documentation for the National Candidate Application

The online application requires the candidate to complete fields for:

  1. Attestation that the candidate understands and agrees to comply with the policies and procedures relating to candidacy and the BOD position of interest.
  2. Agreement to comply with campaign policy and guidance
  3. Conflict of interest disclosure and electronic signature
  4. Biographical data, personal information, and eligibility criteria related to the position
The following documents are required to be uploaded into the online application.
  1. Professional color headshot photograph (high resolution photo suitable for printing)
  2. Copy of diploma of highest degree earned
  3. Copy or verification of a current RN license
  4. Copy of current CNN, CDN, CNN-NP, CCTC, or other nephrology certifications
  5. Current curriculum vitae or resume which must contain a listing and description of all ANNA leadership roles
  6. Campaign poster promotional copy and write up in bullet format only (maximum 250 words)

Please note: All required documentation must be submitted by July 1, 2024. An application is not complete until all required documents are submitted.


If you have questions regarding the nominations process, please contact the 2024-2025 Nominations Committee Chairperson, Lucy Todd,

If you have questions regarding the application or need assistance, contact Emily Parry at the ANNA National Office (888-600-2662 or

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