President's Message

Nephrology Nurses Give HOPE
President Angie Kurosaka

As I reflect on the efforts of nephrology nurses, I am struck by the unwavering message of hope. This perspective of hope has provided me with a theme for my year as ANNA President: Nephrology Nurses Give HOPE (Helping Others through Positive Empowerment).

The message of HOPE has five pillars:

  • Trust
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Mentoring
  • Support

These pillars complement the pillars of Brand, Infrastructure, and People that are outlined in ANNA’s newly approved Strategic Plan.

ANNA and the healthcare community are in a unique position to offer HOPE to and to witness the HOPE demonstrated by nephrology nurses. ANNA has and continues to advocate for nephrology nurses, safe staffing, quality patient care, and nursing research. ANNA is the largest body of knowledge for nephrology nurses in the world.

Nephrology nurses turn to optimism and hope when we are feeling overwhelmed. We give hope to our patients to help them navigate and cope with kidney disease progression. We provide hope to our fellow nurses when it seems they cannot move forward, and we share hope for humanity, knowing we can overcome adversity together.

I am honored to lead this exceptional and caring group of nephrology nurses. I look forward to the year ahead and furthering ANNA’s mission and Strategic Plan while embracing a message of HOPE!

Angela “Angie” Kurosaka, DNP, RN, CNN, CCM, NEA-BC
2022-2023 ANNA President