Archived Resources

Note: These resources have been archived because content is no longer necessarily current. The resources are still available for viewing for historical/reference purposes only.

Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse Resource Guide © 2003

Developed by members of ANNA's Peritoneal Dialysis Special Interest Group, this guide was designed to serve as a tool to assist all peritoneal dialysis (PD) nurses - from novices to experts - in their practice. Published in the October 2003 issue of the Nephrology Nursing Journal (Volume 30, Number 5), the guide also was designed be helpful to hemodialysis nurses, transplant nurses, non-nephrology nurses, nursing students, and other health care personnel who care for patients requiring PD. Divided into categories (such as Pre-ESRD Education and Treatment Options, Adult Learner, Cultural Diversity, PD Catheter Access, etc.), each section of the guide lists references from textbooks, journals, pamphlets, projects, and Web sites. A brief description of each resource is provided along with information about where to obtain the resource. (30 pages)

Peritoneal Dialysis Travel Tool Box © 2004

Patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD) face many challenges when traveling, but these challenges can be minimized by pre-travel education, organization, and planning. Published in the September-October 2004 issue of the Nephrology Nursing Journal (Volume 31, Number 5), this tool box was designed to serve as a resource for nurses who care for patients on PD and help them prepare for travel. The tool box includes a list of travel resources, a PD unit travel checklist, a peritoneal dialysis "on the road" booklet, and more. (31 pages)

Resource Guide for Use With Hispanic Nephrology Patients © 2005

This resource guide was developed by ANNA to help nephrology clinicians who work with Spanish speaking patients. Published in the May-June 2005 issue of the Nephrology Nursing Journal (Volume 32, Number 3), the resource guide includes a list of nephrology-related terms in both English and Spanish, a Patient Assessment Form in Spanish with English translation, and a Spanish Resource Guide – a list of other available resources for use with the Hispanic patient population. (11 pages)