Addressing the Challenges of a Growing Demand for Home Dialysis Therapies

An article in the March/April 2022 issue of Nephrology Nursing Journal explores the challenges currently facing nephrology nurses and the larger nephrology community as the landscape for kidney replacement therapies changes. The End-Stage Renal Disease Treatment Choices (ETC) Model, an aspect of the Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative that incentivizes increases in home dialysis therapies, is being implemented amid a strained nursing workforce. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Conditions for Coverage for dialysis facilities mandate that registered nurses conduct home dialysis training. The article authors propose that "nephrology nurses must play leading roles in determining potential solutions to meet the increasing need for nephrology nursing services in home dialysis programs" (Thomas-Hawkins, Payne, & Bednarski, 2022).

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Thomas-Hawkins, C., Payne, G.M., & Bednarski, D. (2022). The growing demand for home dialysis therapies: Challenges and potential solutions. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 49(2), 109-115, 120.