B. Braun Medical Inc.

824 Twelfth Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18018

B. Braun has been a leader in providing the dialysis community with innovative products for over 40 years. As a manufacturer and distributor of hemodialysis equipment and related disposables, we offer the technology and dialysis products you need for therapy from one single source. The Dialog+® hemodialysis system is the result of B. Braun’s commitment to develop solutions that continue to improve the dialysis treatment for the patient and the clinical staff. The Dialoghemodialysis system’s integrated and efficient treatment system, along with Diacap Pro dialyzers and Streamline bloodlines, enable the patients to efficiently achieve their dialysis dose targets. B. Braun’s Water Treatment System, Aquaboss®, has been designed to combine the highest water-quality outcomes with efficient solutions. Aquaboss technology reduces dialysis water and energy consumption during daily operation, as well as over the complete system lifetime.

Customers profit from the expertise of an all around system supplier with comprehensive knowledge and experience of every aspect of the dialysis situation-from research to manufacturing to therapy. Customers are supported by a dedicated team of clinical nurses, field service personnel, customer service and 24/7 technical assistance. For more information, visit our website, www.bbraunusa.com/dialysis.