Angelini Pharma Inc.

8322 Helgerman Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Alcavis HDC is proud to announce the merger with Italian-based pharmaceutical firm Angelini Pharmaceuticals effective January 1, 2013. Now operating as Angelini Pharma Inc., this newly forged alliance will enable the company to focus on continued development of innovative products and services including: sanitizing and disinfecting solutions, pharmaceuticals, wound care systems, and renal healthcare solutions.

Since 1998, Alcavis HDC has been a leader in the Dialysis market with ExSept Plus and Alcavis 50 for catheter care and the MAKY, and Peracidin for Dialyzer Reuse. In the fall of 2011, Alcavis HDC entered the wound care market with an electrolytically produced sodium hypochlorite wound cleanser and advanced wound dressings. The ExSept and ExSept Plus products quickly gained traction as exceptional wound healing solutions specifically with lower extremity wounds. Angelini Pharma Inc. will continue to focus on the Renal market while broadening its offerings to all medical specialties.

“The Angelini leadership was impressed with the quality and reputation of the Alcavis HDC organization and products,” notes Angelini Pharma CEO Ludovico Giavotto. “We knew Angelini’s level of professionalism and service would be a perfect fit with our company’s ideals and goals.” The reputation of Angelini is supported by its capacity to manage complex sales networks through a range of diverse channels which promote widespread distribution and high levels of customer service. Their products are currently used in over 25 countries.

“We are extremely excited about this merger,” explains Alcavis HDC, COO Gary Mishkin, “Through Angelini’s experience at the international level, we are now able to strengthen our distribution, expand our product line, and fortify our customer service, making us a formidable competitor in the healthcare market.”

Established in Italy in the early 20th century, Angelini has grown to become an international player in the Healthcare field. Their products are successfully used in hundreds of markets in over 25 countries. Angelini was one of the first companies to register molecules at the European level through the Mutual Recognition Procedure, with Italy as Reference Member State.