President's Message

Nephrology Nurses: What Will Your Impact Be?

PhotoThere has been a lot of chatter, excitement, and even concern in the nephrology community since the announcement of the Advancing American Kidney Health Executive Order. While we are intrigued and hopeful at the attention that is being turned toward patients with chronic kidney disease, we, as nurses, need to be IMPACTful and use this opportunity to lead the charge for a new and improved world of nephrology.

When I think about the people and events that have impacted me throughout my 30 year nursing journey, I am reminded of the nurses who took me under their wings, mentored me, and led me to a place I did not necessarily want to go, but a place where they knew I should be.

Recently, I visited Stone Mountain Park in Georgia with my sons and grandchildren. We had planned to just drive around and spend some leisurely time in the park. However, when we drove into the park, we saw a sign that read: “Entrance to Stone Mountain Trail.” We thought it looked interesting, so we parked and proceeded to the trail to start the walk up Stone Mountain. My grandchildren, ages 3 and 12, were leading me to a place I was not sure I wanted to go (smile). As we climbed the mountain, my sons and grandchildren coaxed me, encouraged me, and led me to the very top of Stone Mountain. All the way up, I kept saying to myself, “What was I thinking?” But when we reached the top, I was able to say, “I made it!” The view was a breathtaking, and I felt quite proud of myself. I was grateful for the IMPACT my family had on me at that moment.

I think we also can apply the acronym “IMPACT” to nephrology nursing.

I = Initiate ~ Take initiative – both in ANNA and your workplace – to lead.

M = Mentor ~ Reach out to those who are new to nephrology nursing.

P = Partner ~ Partner with other members of your team and other nursing organizations.

A = Ask ~ Question how you can help to strengthen nephrology nursing and ANNA.

C = Collaborate ~ Work with other industry agencies to improve kidney health care.

T = Transform ~ Transform the space/place around you.

As nephrology nurses, you have an IMPACT – on your colleagues, staff, patients, workplaces, communities, and more. Like my trek up Stone Mountain, sometimes it is an uphill journey. I applaud you, celebrate you, and encourage you to continue IMPACTing those around you as we transform the nephrology nursing world!

Lillian Pryor, MSN, RN, CNN
2020-2021 ANNA President