Position Statements

ANNA Position Statements

A. Position Statements ~ Nursing

  1. Patient and Family Engagement
  2. Nondiscrimination in Educational Programs
  3. Delegation of Nursing Care Activities
  4. Nurse Staffing Model
  5. Cultural Diversity
  6. Nurse Licensure Compact

B. Position Statements ~ Nephrology Nursing

  1. The Role of the Registered Nurse in Nephrology
  2. Advanced Practice in Nephrology Nursing
  3. Autonomy of the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC)
  4. Certification in Nephrology Nursing
  5. Chronic Kidney Disease
  6. Vascular Access for Hemodialysis
  7. Nephrology Nurse's Role in Palliative and End-of-Life Care

C. Position Statements ~ Health Policy

  1. ANNA Health Policy Agenda
  2. ANNA Health Policy Statement
  3. ANNA State Health Policy Priorities
  4. Financial Incentives for Organ Donation

D. Joint Position Statements

  1. ANNA, ASN, and RPA Joint Position Paper on Collaboration Between Nephrologists and Advanced Practice Nurses
  2. Joint Position Statement of the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) and the National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists (NANT) on Dialysis Technicians/Technologists

Position Statement Development

Talking Points

Consensus Statements

ANNA Endorsements

Other Position Statements

ANNA may make note of other relevant position statements of interest to members. ANNA does not necessarily endorse or support these statements. They are presented here for information only.