Member Spotlight Archive

ANNA is a vibrant organization because of the unique nurses who make up our membership. To spotlight the diverse experiences and unique perspectives of our members, ANNA launched the Member Spotlight, which shares information about a different ANNA member each month. If you would like to be featured, try using our online community, ANNA Connected. Members are featured in the Member Spotlight based on their engagement in ANNA Connected, so start connecting, talking, and getting to know other ANNA members via ANNA Connected.

Month ANNA Member
July 2022 Sylvia Donato-Moore
June 2022 Cheryl Cress
May 2022 Cindy Richards
April 2022 Judi Dansizen
March 2022 Laura Webb
February 2022 Pauline Marroquin
January 2022 Allison Latch
December 2021 Teresa Payne
November 2021 Jennifer Branch
October 2021 Louise Elpers
September 2021 Felicia Lambert
August 2021 Daniela Chetan
July 2021 Rosie Olivares
June 2021 Glenna Frey
May 2021 Melanie Harper
April 2021 Icar Noel
March 2021 Rita DeJesus
February 2021 Joni-Jill Tobrocke
January 2021 Michelle Gilliland
December 2020 Amy Woodard
November 2020 Gail Starnes
October 2020 Darlena Banas
September 2020 Deidre Parikh ~ Chapter Champion
August 2020 Tonja McCoy
July 2020 Navenna Reddy
June 2020 Cynthia Toombs
May 2020 Joseph Myers ~ Chapter Champion
April 2020 Susan Bridger
March 2020 James Thoms
February 2020 Maryam Lyon
January 2020 Madeline McLoughlin
December 2019 Shushanne Wynter-Minott
November 2019 Yvette Ebersole Ronquillo
October 2019 Suzan Stephens
September 2019 Dorothy Ellis
August 2019 Stephanie Elliott
July 2019 Kimberly Larsen
June 2019 Faith Lynch
May 2019 Laura Cato
April 2019 Kristina Baumer
March 2019 Donna Braun
February 2019 Barbara Orze
January 2019 Paula Richards
December 2018 Todd Varner
November 2018 Linda Boucher
October 2018 Meredith Swalm
September 2018 Rhonda Duggan
August 2018 Deborah Cote
July 2018 Linda Walck
June 2018 Pamela DePiola
May 2018 Barbara Sandy Miholics
April 2018 Teresa Villaran
March 2018 Gail Dewald
February 2018 Renee Hill
January 2018 Rebeca Rodriguez Nevarez
December 2017 Barbara Odom
November 2017 Maria Gonzales
October 2017 Marilyn Eilert
September 2017 Jean Colaneri
August 2017 Angela Taylor-Smith
July 2017 Xinliu Meyer
June 2017 Kimberly McLaughlin
May 2017 Caprice Vanderkolk
April 2017 Nancy Colobong Smith
March 2017 Charles Coe
February 2017 Karen Echavez